Become a Member

Learn more about membership costs and conditions for Platinum Health + Fitness.

Biweekly membership rates are: 

  • Regular 21.99+tax 
  • Student/ Senior 19.99+tax 
  • Family 17.99+tax per person 

To add unlimited tanning to your biweekly membership it is only an extra $7.99+tax biweekly!

To cancel before a year we only require your next 2 biweekly payments! 


1 month up front

  • Cost: $69.99 


A $2 key fob is required for either the biweekly membership or the 1 month up front membership. 

Day pass

  • Cost: $8.99+tax 

Signing up is simple!

For the biweekly membership:

  • Fill out 2 short forms
  • Make your first biweekly payment and get your $2 key fob
  • Provide billing information 

For 1 month up-front: 

  • Fill out 1 short form
  • Purchase the 1 month membership and $2 key fob! 

You’ll get a tour of the gym whether you come in to sign up or just come in to check it out!